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Power iT

iT depends on Power, part of keeping you online means you have a steady flow of electricity

Whether you’re looking to take your your entire Home off-grid or just power your IT infrastructure – like internet modems, servers & CCTV – look no further! We are specialists in Green energy and Power backup solutions which are aimed at making sure you never experience downtime due to the incompetence of others.

This page outlines some of our standard Battery Backup Power Systems which will ensure that you are protected from the consequences of ongoing power outages and provide you with backup power when you need it.

Grid Tied Power solutions to hold up anything from Routers to allow Business Continuity to Appliances, such as Server Cabinets, PC’s & Monitors, TV’s, Kettles & more. These come in the form of Small UPS devices and range all the way through to Inverter & Battery backup trolleys designed specially for your needs.

Hybrid and Off-Grid solutions enable you to Produce your own power in order to subsidize your current provider’s bill or completely take yourself off-grid and remove the dependency on third parties. We specialize in Solar and Wind power solutions tied to inverters which will allow for you to do this with ease.

A few of our deployments & solutions:

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