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It’s always a joy to hear how the work we do impacts you and your business

We have spent the last 9 years trying to develop an Elitist IT MSP set apart by awesome customer service, super competitive pricing and unsurpassed support practices. Our clients believe we have achieved this and here’s what a few have to say:

A tenured relationship, and all I have to say is Wow! Logic at its most methodical and precision at its finest. ITneeds has never failed to deliver on her promises. Filled with energy and vibrance, I have never been disappointed by your friendly, diligent and tedious service ethic!

Carol Boothe

Comair Slow Lounge
Efficient and Reliable, beyond the call of duty would expect. ITneeds has a long time lived up to the name of our True Partner in the IT service Industry. It is a wonder how each and every single site of ours is handles so timorously and tediously.

David Gresham

Gresham Records / MCM
Professionally Efficient and always achieving the very best standards set out within the IT service industry! Our Web-application has been brought up to date, with the latest in available technologies. We are already greatly improving our customers’ overall experiences and thus attracting much more growth in our online profitability.

Gakim Solomons


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